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COMBINE YOUR LOCAL ´CIVIL LAW´ STUDIES (subject to time zone compatibility and internet connection) WITH LIVE STREAMED TRAINING IN ENGLISH LAW (AGL’s English Law Studies (ELS) Course) ONCE A WEEK FOR 30 WEEKS (30 sessions of 4 hours) BETWEEN OCTOBER AND MAY

Remote students to the East of us should be able to make it to our 09:30 h. (Spanish time) morning class reasonably comfortably from Ankara to Shanghai. Those to the West of us, from Sao Paolo to Santiago, to our class starting at 16:00h.

English Law and practice is a MUST for tomorrow’s Global Lawyers, but you may have difficulty gaining access to it from where you are.

Logistics, financial constraints, available academic offering or other factors, may make it impractical to access any meaningful Common Law training where you live or study. If that is the case, why not set up your own Remote Classroom with a group of aspiring Global Lawyers?

A growing number of universities outside of Common Law jurisdictions is offering some form of ‘Common Law’ training. But can you get to it? Can you afford it? Will it be enough for you to qualify as an English lawyer?

In your own Remote Classroom, you will learn English Law together with our home’-based students in Spain and share an experience with others of your age around the world, making screen-pals and developing opportunities to set up exchanges and travel.

AGL’s English Law Studies (ELS) Course is approved by the Institute of Paralegals in England and leads to registration on the Paralegal Professional Register (PPR). It also prepares you for other professional examinations in Common Law jurisdictions (e.g. FE-1 in Ireland and SQE in England). ELS opens the way for AGL ‘Global Lawyer’ accreditation if you qualify too in your own ‘Civil Law’ jurisdiction.


To set up a Remote Classroom, we need a Remote Classroom Captain (RCC)

1. Become an AGL Remote Classroom Captain on your own or together with a friend and let us know ( of your interest in setting up a Remote Classroom.

Tell us your name/s and the location of your classroom, what you are studying or propose to study in 2022/2023. You will need to have completed secondary level schooling and not be older than 20 to join the the ELS Course.. You do not need to have a classroom or any classmates for English Law studies at this stage, simply an interest in exploring the possibilities of setting one up. Perhaps we will be able to help you along.

2. Form your own Remote Classroom Group of like-minded students (minimum 6) and establish an appropriate location with a wide screen and internet connection. Ask your local university, or an education centre, or your municipal authority to provide you with space. Alternatively, try a local company or law firm that might like to sponsor your ambition and talent. If all else fails, find your own classroom space, install your screen and join our English Law Studies (ELS) Level 1 class from October to May.

3. Ask AGL to confirm your status as an AGL authorised Remote Classroom. You will receive authorisation when relevant details have been approved by AGL.

Registration of students in the Remote Classroom:

(a) Classroom participation only:

Students who wish to merely participate (no assessments/no certification), may do so by completing the appropriate ‘Participation Form’ (available on request from: once your Remote Classroom has been approved.

To gain any benefit from participation, it is recommended that you have a minimum level of English proficiency equivalent to B1(+)/C1(-). You do not need a language certificate. You can self-assess yourself by looking at the CEFR descriptors (CEFR self-assessment grid:

You will need to be over 18 and under 20 (birthdays falling in year of registration). The Participation Fee is 150,00 Euros. You may need to share in any location costs depending on the rules of your group.

Classroom participation only students do not count for the minimum student numbers referred to below.

(b) Students for assessment and certification (Minimum 5)

If you want to be assessed for certification, you must:

(i) complete the ‘Pre-admission Application Form’ which you can request from:

(ii) be over 18 and under 20 (birthdays falling in your year of registration)

(iii) confirm that you have a minimum level of proficiency in English (comprehension, spoken, and written) equivalent to C1(-)/C1 (self-assessed – see above). Please note the higher language proficiency level required for students seeking assessment and certification.

(iv) Pay the ‘Annual Course Admission Fee’ of 2000,00€ in a maximum of 4 installments: 800,00€ on admission in September; 400,00€ by the end of November; 400,00€ by the end of February; and 400,00€ by the end of April.

All fees are annual. Yearly increases for already registered students admitted to a higher Level are capped at a maximum of 5% (applied yearly). To be eligible for consideration for admission at a higher level, a student must achieve a pass mark of 70/100 in the end of year assessments taken at the Level immediately below.

Remote Classroom Captains (RCC’s)

AGL rewards a Remote Classroom Captain (RCC) for his/her initiative and effort.

An RCC who successfully recruits a group of 5 students (inclusive of the RCC) who registers at Level 1 for assessment and certification before 30 September, will be exempted from payment of the Annual Course Admission Fee. The benefit of the exemption can be split between joint RCC’s or between all the members of the assessment and certification group.

Interested but not sure?

Try out the ELS course to see if you like it. Join as a Participant, and apply (or not) for assessment and certification before 30 November. Your Participation Fee will be discounted.

If you would like to discuss starting up a Remote Classroom, write to us at

We will consider your situation and discuss the options with you.


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