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What can you look forward to on successfully completing the ELS course?

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You will be able to continue with Level 5 and you will qualify as an English lawyer with Approved English Law Adviser (A.ELA) status from the IoP and registration with the Professional Paralegal Register (PPR). This will provide you with a professional brand membership that accredits you for practice in all areas of English Law except those reserved by law for members of other professional bodies (the ‘Reserved Activities’).

On completion of Level 5, you will have received all the training in the foundation subjects of English Law and practice skills (Levels 1-4) and vocational training (Level 5) to take examinations for membership of other professional bodies such as the Law Society (Solicitors Qualifying Examination – SQE).  You will also have acquired a solid Common Law foudation to be able to quickly prerare for and sit Bar admission examinations in the US.

On successful completion of yur Spanish Law studies and the full ELS course you will be eligible to be invited to join the AGL as a ‘Global Lawyer’ depending on your level of qualification and cross-border legal experience in ‘Common Law’ and ‘Continental Civil Law’ jurisdictions.

We set targets for the seriously talented ……

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