AGL’s Pre-Spanish University Foundation Course


The Association of Global Lawyers (AGL) in Malaga provides would-be international law students with a gap-year foundation course that includes LEVEL 1 of AGL’s English Law Studies (ELS) Course and an introduction to Spanish law for students who have a minimum CEFR B2(+) level (self-assessed) in Spanish (

Students who do not have B2(+) level Spanish, will attend language training classes in Spanish. Instead of the Introduction to Spanish Law classes.

Third language training’ classes in French or German are included and compulsory.

Speech and Drama workshops are included, but are optional

NOTE: Students wishing to take the course are required to have a self/assessed minimum proficiency CEFR level in English of C1-/C1 (

Students found not to have the required level of English, will not be admitted to the Foundation Course. Students who are not considered to have the required CEFR level for the Spanish Law classes will need to join the Spanish language class.

Why take the AGL Foundation Course?

AGL’s Pre-university Foundation Course can be taken during a year-off before returning to attend university back home or to prepare for admission to a full four-year LLB degree course in Spanish law at the University of Malaga taken in combination with the completion of LEVELS 2-5 of the full ELS Course with AGL leading to qualification as a Tier 4 Paralegal (subject to relevant work experience) and preparation for the SQE or F1.

A one-year Foundation Course will help improve your language skills as well as giving you a trampoline into Global Lawyer accreditation with AGL. It will further enable you to regularise paper work for entry to the University of Malaga if you decide to stay on after enjoying a memorable year in one of Europe’s most international and climate-friendly student scenes.

Duration of course:

30 weeks, between end September and mid-May



(a) Introduction to Spanish law for students with minimum Spanish language level, or

(b) Spanish language: No minimum level requirement for students not taking Module 1(a)

2. ‘Third Language’ French or German. No minimum level requirement (Students are placed in appropriate level language classes)

3. English Law Studies (ELS) Course: LEVEL 1 (see:

Weekly work load:

  • Class Contact Time (CCT) [compulsory attendance]
  • Independent Study Time (IST) [Necessary for students expecting to achieve pass certificates]

Module 1

(a) Introduction to Spanish law: CCT: 4 hours/week; IST: 3 hours/week

(b) Spanish language: CCT: 4 hours/week; IST: 3 hours/week

Module 2 [Third Language’: CCT: 4 hours/week; IST: 3 hours/week

Module 3 English law: 4 hours/week; IST: approx. 6 hours/week

Daily distribution of CCT:

Monday: 4 hours: 16:00 – 20:00: Modules 1(a) (Introduction to Spanish Law) and 1(b) Spanish Language

Tuesday: 4 hours: 16:00 – 20:00: Module 2 (‘Third Language’)

Wednesday: 4 hours: 09:30 – 13:30: Module 3 (English Law)

Thursday: No CCT

Friday: No CCT


Continuous: Class work and IST assignments

Price: 3.900€ (payable in up to 4 instalments)

How much does it cost to be a student in Malaga? Take a look at:–Spain/student-life-and-studying-abroad-in-M%C3%A1laga

Have a word with your local Santander branch and show them this information to see about a ‘Universitario Loan’ for study in Spain. See:

Write to us at if you would like to receive a Pre-admission Form or to receive more information about the Pre-Spanish University Foundation Course. Call [0034] 659097721 if you would prefer to speak to someone.

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