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The AGL Speech and Drama Workshop

Death of a Salesman, Phoenix Theatre in London (Photo by Bert Hardy/Picture Post/Getty images
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The “Speech and Drama Workshop” provides ELS law students and SpeakUp language students with an extracurricular activity to develop self-confidence, social interaction and refining vocal and presentation skills in English through the medium of theatre and musicals.  

Beyond the stage of speaking clearly and accurately, lies that of communicating persuasively with the correct levels of authority, emotion, humour, and empathy to meet the occasion.  

Through theatre, you come to see yourself and others playing out everything you may expect to encounter in real life. What words you use (richness of vocabulary and idiom), how you express them (tone, power, pace, inflexion), and when your ‘message’ can be reinforced with ‘non-verbal communication’ (body language) all contribute to effective interaction with different audiences in varying scenarios.

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The “AGL Debating Circle”

provides ELS students with the opportunity of refining their persuasive communication skills by practising the rapid formulation of convincing arguments (logos) and credible style (ethos)

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