Students from Ireland and the UK

Become a Glober

At last he rose, and twitched his mantel blue:
Tomorrow to fresh woods, and pastures new (John Milton, Lycidas)

Looking to study abroad?

Yearning for a change?

Seeking to double dimension?


Dear Student,

We are not knocking the value of an Irish or UK University education as the first step in training to become a ‘Common Law’ lawyer, whether it be a barrister, solicitor, legal executive or registered paralegal. But if you are planning on becoming a dual trained ‘Global Lawyer’ it might not be the better route. If that is your aspiration, you will need to give it wings.

Your flight path might take you to Malaga or Madrid where you could study Spanish Law at the University of Malaga or at one of several universities in Madrid to qualify as a Spanish lawyer and English Law with AGL at the same time to qualify as a Professional Paralegal or prepare for the SQE.

You are welcome to drop us a line at or, explaining why you might want to fly and what doubts might be holding you back.

We will consider your personal situation and give you advice. We can also guide you on matters of fees, living expenses, and local accommodation once you are close to making up your mind, and for the Brits, on the issue of student visas.

We shall be happy to arrange a virtual meeting face to face and/or with our students if you like. Send us an email anyway to get things up and running.

Kind regards and stay well!

The AGL English Law Studies (ELS) Admissions Team

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