“Third Language”

The ENGLISH LAW STUDIES (ELS) COURSE is preparation for AGL accreditation as a ‘Global Lawyer’. AGL accredited ‘Global Lawyers’ are required to be highly proficient in English and either Spanish or another European language (C1(+)/C2 and have at least a minimum B2 level in a third European language out of French, German, Italian or Russian (Approved Third Language). To qualify at ELS Level 4, students must be certified by AGL as proficient in both English and Spanish at a minimum of C1 and at B2 in a ‘Third Language’.

There is no minimum ‘Third Language’ requirement on admission although students with notions of further language skills may be preferred. Students who already have a minimum of B2 in one of the designated ‘Third Languages’, may choose to continue to a higher level in that language or take another out of those on offer.

To help students achieve the minimum required language levels for AGL ‘Global Lawyer’ accreditation, the ELS Course (undergraduates in Malaga only) incorporates a cycle of 15 x 2-hour sessions of training in an Approved Third Language at all proficiency levels from A2 to C2.

Attendance at ‘Third language’ classes is compulsory until students achieve the Minimum Third Language Level. The cost of the ‘Third Language’ training is included in the course registration fee.

Students who possess CI(-)/C2 language proficiency in both Spanish and English, may be exempted from attending the ELS Third Language training cycles on achieving a Minimum Third Language Level. Students providing evidence of suitable alternative outside training in an Approved Third Language, may also be exempted. In neither case, however, will the registration fee be reduced.

ELS undergraduate students are required to have achieved a minimum proficiency level of B1 on termination of ELS Level 2 and B2 on termination of ELS Level 4 to be awarded relevant AGL annual certificates.

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